Terms of Service

The tools that Ascend provides are meant to be used responsibly and legally. These tools are meant to enhance your Discord experience, not for criminal conduct or platform abuse. These tools must be used within the bounds of the law, as they are meant to be used for educational and personal purposes. Users that abuse Ascend risk suspension of their license without any prior warning.

Please be aware that spreading the file contents of these tools without a valid license is strictly prohibited. The tools that Ascend provides are restricted to one Windows device per license. To map a license to a new device, the user will be charged a $3.00 reset fee only after using their one-time free reset.

By purchasing Ascend, the user agrees that Ascend is not affiliated with Discord or any of their partners. The user also agrees that Ascend staff may suspend the user's license for failing to adhere to the terms outlined within these terms of service.

Please be aware that Ascend does not provide refunds on purchases of Ascend's tools, regardless of the circumstances.

Thank you.