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Ascend Selfbot

140+ Commands

Blazing Fast

Nitro Sniper


Multiple Modules

Constant Updates


Innovate your discord experience with Ascend


Ascend is the fastest Discord selfbot. Easily raid and snipe with Ascend's blazing fast speed.

Clean Interface

Ascend has a custom crafted beautiful user interface that is designed to be clean.

+140 Commands

Ascend features over 140+ useful and innovative commands that are unique to our tool.

Giveaway Sniper

Ascend will automatically join any giveaways. You can also customize the sniper with toggles.

Nitro Sniper

Ascend will automatically snipe Nitro codes in less than 0.1s. You can also customize the sniper with toggles.


Ascend is the most customizable tool available. Make Ascend unique to you by customizing it.

DM Logger

Ascend also features a DM logger that logs all messages a sneaky friend may try to delete.

Message Sniper

Ascend includes a useful message sniper that quickly displays deleted messages in any channel.

Email Bomber

Ascend features an easy-to-use email bomber that will quickly spam and nuke any target email.


Ascend has support for both webhook and Windows 10 notifications so you always know what's going on.


We know our users want to avoid being banned for spamming, so we created a safe mode that protects you.

Extra Tools

Ascend also features powerful tools such as a token checker and an account cleaner.

Malicious & Nuker

Ascend has raid, dmall, and nuker commands. We made sure to include any malicious tool you may need.

Multiple Modules

Ascend includes multiple modules, such as utility, moderation, malicious, fun, and text modules.

Constant Updates

Ascend's development team is always updating and improving Ascend to make it the best tool available.


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